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Flight Review: Thai Airways TG673 Osaka – Bangkok


  • Trip: KIX-BKK (Osaka Kansai to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
  • Airline: Thai Airways
  • Aircraft type: Boeing 747-400
  • Flight Number: TG673
  • Flight time: 5 hours
  • Class: Business (Royal Silk)
  • Seat: 16J & 16K

This review covers:

  • Royal Orchid Lounge at Osaka Kansai Airport
  • Royal Silk Class Seats
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Amenities
  • Other
  • Our rating


Osaka Kansai Airport Thai Royal Orchid Lounge

Royal Orchid Lounge in Osaka Kansai airport offers plenty of refreshments including juices, soft drinks, tea & coffee, wines, spirits and draft Japanese beer. There are ample choices of finger foods, sandwiches and snacks. There is complimentary wifi available, and plenty of seats with accessible power points to charge laptops / phones etc.
The lounge has views of the runway and tarmac.

Location: Terminal 1 International, near gate 5 at the bottom of the escalators from the train stop, left hand side.
Royal Silk Class, Thai Airways named Business Class, are located both in front lower deck of the aircraft, and also upstairs on the upper deck. The lower deck consist of 4 rows of seats, the upper decks has 7 rows. Both lower and upper deck offer the same seats and space, however, the upper deck is not suitable for above head stowaway of roll-on suitcases – these must be stored on the lower deck. On a plus side, the upper deck has plenty of space above head, and a cupboard along the side of the seats for handbags, shopping etc.

Thai Airways TG673 Royal Silk Business Class, Upper Deck of 747

Tip: when choosing seats, emergency exit rows on the upper and lower deck of Royal Silk Class allow for huge amounts of legroom, and thus offering more privacy between seats.

The seats allow for a comfortable 160 degree recline, with the recline function conveniently located at the tip of a finger. A great addition is the massage function. The seats also offer 2 USB ports and a power port for those wishing to connect their phones / laptops to a power source.
There was a selection of meals consisting of Western, Japanese or Thai sets, which all included a first, main and dessert course. Food was of good quality and very tasty. For extra’s, Thai offered a selection of breads and cheeses, as well as desserts and fresh fruits. We settled for the Thai set which was a very tasty Roast Duck Curry served with stir-fried asparagus and garlic, as well as minced chicken salad, and minced pork balls with shimeji mushroom soup. A mille crepe dessert that was sensational topped this off.

Food onboard Thai Airways TG673, Royal Silk Business Class

Thai’s inflight entertainment service offered a large selection of music, TV shows and films, and covered by a large personal LCD screen. As we were located on an emergency exit row, our seats came with the collapsible TV that is stationed in the armrest. For seats not located in emergency exit rows, the TV is slightly larger and placed in the rear of the seat in front. A good addition from Thai’s Royal Silk Class, was the noise cancelling headphones.

Noise Cancelling Headphones on TG673 Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

Amenities offered by Thai’s Royal Silk Class come notably packaged in a luxury, Italian Furla wash bag. Inside the luxury branded wash bag, Thai offer a brush & comb, eye shades, earplugs, toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, lip balm, body lotion and slippers.
Other nice touches are the noise cancelling earphones provided for use with the entertainment system.

Furla Amenities on TG673 Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

Thai airways service was impeccable from the moment of check in, to the moment of arrival.
Upon arriving at the check in counter in Osaka’s Kansai Airport, we joined the premium Royal Silk lane, which had no queue. The staff quickly checked us in without delay.
Royal Silk passengers are entitled to 40kg of check luggage, and if you have a silver membership with Royal Orchid Plus, an additional 10KG. Between the two of us, we were entitled to 40KG and 50KG of checked luggage across multiple pieces.
For ease of check in, we highly recommend checking in online either through Thai Airways website, or the Thai Airways app. The online check in procedure allows you to also select seats up to 48 hours before the schedule departure time, thus making the process convenient and fast. This is available for all classes of travel.

After check in we made our way through the fast track queue for customs and immigration – a privilege for Thai Airways Royal Silk Business and Royal First passengers. Royal Thai Lounge, where we relaxed with a choice of snacks and drinks, which great views of the runway and tarmac. The draft beer automated dispenser is highly recommended for a glass or 2 of fresh Japanese beer.

Immigration Fast Track at Osaka Kansai Airport

Boarding the aircraft is a breeze. Thai Airways announced that boarding will proceed firstly with First & Business Class passengers, followed by Gold Royal Orchid Plus members, and those with special requirements, and lastly economy class.
We were greeted by 2 smiley cheerful Thai staff upon embarking the plane, and were directed to our seats upstairs on the upper deck of the 747.
The airplane offers a large amount of room, and thus is very comfortable for those in Royal Silk Business Class and Royal First Class.

Spacious Cabin on Thai Airways TG673 Royal Silk Business Class

Shortly after seating, a crewmember offered us a welcome drink – champagne for me, and hot green teat for my partner. Our seats were complete with a fresh orchid, the dining menu as well as a large soft blanket and pillow.

Shortly before take off, the crew member collected our empty glasses, and provided us with our amenities kit. The take off was quite and comfortable and shortly dinner was served. Scrumptious Thai cuisine followed by a request for more of the ever-delicious mille crepe dessert.

Food Served aboard TG673 Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

Food was decadently serviced on a cotton tablecloth with polished silverware, and drinks were offered in abundance.

The cabin crew collected our trays timely, and throughout the flight service, offered us a variety of drinks. We reclined our seats, adjusted our pillows and rested our eyes in the peace and privacy of the upper deck of the 747. As there are only a maximum of 26 people on the upper deck, it’s peaceful and allows for a great rest.

Seat Comfort on TG673 Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

Upon waking, the entertainment system allowed a large choice of movies and TV shows to keep me entertained whilst my partner slept until we arrived at our destination.
The crewmembers were very accommodating and highly professionally, offering a warm, friendly service that resonated with Thailand’s reputation of notably high hospitality standards.

Another great plus is that Thai Airways Royal Silk and Royal First Class boarding passes allow for expedited premium fast track service through immigration. This saves so much time. Whilst in normal immigration queues, each counter appeared to have a 30 plus person queue, Thai’s fast track service presented us with a queue of no more than 4 people, and we were through immigration in less than 10 minutes.

Another bonus, is that Thai Airways Royal Silk Business and Royal First Class get VIP treatment for checked baggage – that means that your baggage will come off the carousel first and allow you for an expedited exit from the airport.

To conclude, Thai Airways are a highly reputed airline that offers a passenger orientated service that exceeds expectations. The cabin crew are highly trained and all interactions were pleasant, diligent and professional.
I would definitely recommended Thai Airways.

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