The Naka, Phuket


THE NAKA, PHUKET  is the epitome of design. It is iconic, exclusive and unambiguous as a unique designer boutique resort, composing 94 pool villas situated in Kamala Bay, Phuket.
Built into the cliff side, The Naka’s villa’s are a modular and modern spectacle featuring their own private villas with views of the ocean below.
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Dotted around Kamala Bay, staying at The Naka really gives you the sense of isolation and exclusivity – it certainly doesn’t feel like you’re in Phuket, but much more your own private island.
The resort is only accessible via an isolated mountain road making it the perfect location for those seeking to experience the ultimate feeling of seclusion, but as the resort is only 10 km away from Patong, Phuket’s bustling nightlife area, it is also the perfect choice for those who seek a city life, nightlife, shopping and noise when the feeling beckons.

Duangrit Bunnag, the well known architect from DBALP has raised the bar again and produced another creative and visual masterpiece which highlights his abilities to create architectural wizardry.
The stunning design and architecture of The Naka has lead to it’s appointment as a member of Design Hotels.

The Rooms:
The Naka has a choice of rooms, both 1,2 and 3 bedroom. The rooms are iconic, in the sense they’re built in a rectangular, modular shape, with a full glass surround.
The room we chose to stay in was the One Bedroom Pool Villa.
Located to the West, elevated in to the cliffside, we have a spectacular view over the bay and other rooms surrounding us.
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More so than any other hotel in which I have stayed, the villas have an appeal to them which makes you want to spend a large proportion of time in them. They are a very comfortable, satisfying place to be.
The bedroom, which sits at the forefront of the modular villas has expansive views from its full glass frontage and sidewalls. The curtains open to reveal the splendour of your surroundings, and allow you to breathe in the atmosphere, quite literally. 
The bedroom is segregated from the living room by sliding doors and it’s uninterrupted. By this, I mean it really is a bedroom. Forget the TV, desks, table or wardrobe; the bedroom is purely that – a bedroom. Aside from a stunning view, is the bed, and 2 small bedside tables to place a book or drink. You can feel the ease of tranquility, it’s removal from aesthetic busy-ness or a sense of ‘too much going on’. The bedroom here is designed to provide a place of peace, and a place where you go purely for sleep.

Behind the bedroom, is the main living room. This is the entrance point to the villa, from the courtyard.
The living room is very well equipped in both technology, and furniture.
Inside is a wall mounted large screen TV with surround sound, blueray player and streaming box which is host to movies, music and more.
To the side of the TV is a workspace, then a large chaise lounge sofa. The sofa is large and extremely comfortable and is aesthetically pleasing too. 
Furthermore, you will find a espresso machine and tea maker, as well as free mini bar in ever room – kitted out with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

The Naka prides it’s self on quality as well as design. It’s obvious that the furniture and fittings in the room are of high quality, and The Naka has done it’s best to provide convent luxury for it’s guests.

To the rear of the lounge is the wardrobe, and his & her’s vanity’s. Go a bit further and you’ll find the large rain shower and toilet room, with bathroom amenities from Molton Brown. Each section is divided throughout this modular villa.
At the rear are 2 large glass doors which allow access to the bathroom courtyard. With it’s retractable room, one can use the outdoor shower, or large bathtub day or night, with out without shade.

The main entrance to the villa’s living room is from the courtyard where the private pool is situated.
The pool is a spectacle of it’s black, purple and silver mosaic tiles which looks marvellous both day or night.
The pool is 1.5 m in depth, and 10 meters in length. being an infinity pool, it propagates a great view of the ocean bay below. 

The Restaurants, Food & Beverage:
The Naka’s main restaurant, The Wiwa is located next to the pool, and hosts both breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The breakfast is buffet, and has a very large choice of both international and local cuisines. Good coffee, juices, fruits, pastries, hot choices, fresh waffles and pancakes, a noodle bar – there is a plethora of choice and certainly something to suit everybody.
The dinner menu is also very diverse. It’s Thai food is a modern twist on some classic’s, and other choices of western meals are both appetising and tasty.
The ambiance of the restaurant is in chime with the rest of The Naka; it’s over-sized, open plan design is a compliment and service is top notch. View of the pool and ocean create a great feel-good, and the mostly glass/timber structure create a very light, appealing environment throughout the day.
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The other choice at The Naka is it’s own sky bar. Iconic and certainly unique, the captivating structure which sits at the rear of The Naka property is home to both a salon, spa treatment rooms, and a sky bar on top.
The Meka Sky Lounge is best visited at sunset, and hosts some fantastic fusion cocktails using local and international spirits. Serviced in whole fruits, such as pineapple, watermelon or coconut, the mixologist has fused tasty and creative cocktails that have a special twist too. Highly recommended!
The Meka Sky Lounge also has a food menu, where one can enjoy a sunset dinner. In formation with it’s main restaurant, the choice of cuisine is Thai and Western, and cooked to a high standard.


Although a boutique resort, The Naka has created something special here which means that we don’t need to, nor want to leave the property. The Naka has a choice of things to do if you’re adamant on taking some time away from your villa. There are sea kayaks, a kid’s club, gift shop, spa & salon, sports activities program (Yoga, Pilates, Fitball, Tai Chi etc), as well as free, regular shuttle buses to and from Patong.
Another activity, is the snorkelling. With free equipment hire at The Naka, the floating pier will lead you right to the water where there is a plethora of marine life amongst the crystal clear waters. This highly recommended activity is absolutely fantastic as it mean’s you don’t need to take day trips to nearby islands.
Lastly, the large 60m infinity swimming pool, is the perfect place to lounge and bathe in the sun, whilst admiring the ocean below.

The Meka Sky Lounge. Must visit for cocktails at sunset.
Snorkelling off the floating pier.

A very satisfying stay,if not one of the best hotel experiences I have endured.
Further to a spectacular, ascetic masterpiece, The Naka proves exemplary service and a large choice of activities for it’s guests.
The room’s are a sanctuary; serene yet bursting with character, and the private pools are beautiful.
Whether you are into design or not, The Naka is truly a very appealing and beautiful hotel.

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