Hotel Muse Bangkok


HOTEL MUSE BANGKOK is a boutique luxury hotel located in the prestigious residential area of Langsaun, Bangkok. Iconic through its dedication to ‘detail in design’ approach, luxuriously themed to a very high standard – there is no curtain, no cup or carpet that doesn’t lavishly continue to reiterate Hotel Muse Bangkok’s fastidious passion of splendour.


From the moment of arrival, doors gracefully swung upon by the welcoming bellboys you’re immediately acquainted with the surroundings. Deep, dark yet modern approach to 21st century opulence. Hotel Muse Bangkok is a masterpiece, and it’s certainly unique. It seems common practice to give yourself 10 minutes to look around and marvel at the lobby and surrounding areas, embracing your new temporary home and adjusting to the paradoxical tone of low level lighting and lavish feature peices.
It must be said however, that despite it’s acknowledgement of perhaps Bangkok’s most notably designed boutique hotel, Muse Hotel Bangkok is certainly not stuffy or pretentious. It has it’s own mood, it’s own tone and character, and they depict the theme and experience that they wish to bestow upon their guests. It’s a modern twist on traditional 5 star service.

As part of the check in service, 4 welcome drinks we’re kindly served – 2 cocktails and 2 mocktails, along with a refreshing cold towel.

Once check in has been completed, you’ll be directed to your room. Even the short distance up the elevator’s where each elevator has Hotel Muse Bangkok’s logo emblazoned confidently on it’s doors, the decor is reinforcing of it’s attention to design.
The halls are decked in custom made Hotel Muse Bangkok carpets, and the walls are opulently decorated to match. Props, features and lighting is a big feature at Hotel Muse Bangkok, and this taste is repeated throughout the hotel, everywhere.

The Rooms:
Despite being small than many of it’s local counterparts, Hotel Muse Bangkok manages to propose 174 guest rooms, other 6 standards.
The room we chose was the Muse Grand Deluxe Corner Room (also known as Dowadueng Corner Deluxe).
39 sqm is carefully designed to maximise the space, and being a corner room provides a view from both the bedroom, and bathroom.


To continue it’s high standards, the rooms at Hotel Muse Bangkok are equally impressive and are designed in detail from floor to ceiling.  Eclectic yet functional, the room has a work desk, day bed / sofa, large TV and of course, King Bed.
The bathroom has electric blinds to give a view to the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, and the second blind to reveal a large window to the bedroom for viewing or privacy at the press of a button.
The bathroom is set with black & white marble floor and walls, and features a venetian mirror and full  size claw-foot bathtub. The bathroom is decadently designed and finished, and it’s high pressure rain shower doesn’t disappoint.

The Restaurants:
Hotel Muse Bangkok is also famous for it’s food. It’s restaurants have independently won many awards, and it’s no surprise why. Quite simply, the 2 restaurants at Hotel Muse Bangkok can sell the whole package: good quality, great tasting dishes in a tastefully and spectacularly designed setting. Not only this, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve to to impress us even more.


Babette's Steak House Muse Hotel

Babette’s Steak House Muse Hotel

A steak house with a view over the metropolis which is famous amongst Bangkokian’s and international tourists alike. There are a variety of menu options and also a great priced set lunch and dinner menu., and private dining rooms available.
It’s also the venue for the hotel’s breakfast. An open plan lounge setting, with great views and a large buffet selection of food. International and local breakfast choices, hot stations, pastries, juices, and a ‘egg’s how you like them’ station.


Medici Kitchen at Hotel Muse

Medici Kitchen at Hotel Muse

Medici at Hotel Muse Bangkok could perhaps be one of my favourite restaurants, of all time.
The 7 course set dinner menu with wine paring was a great introduction to the talent and vision of it’s chef.   If you hadn’t guessed by the name, Medici is fluent in Italian cuisine and it doesn’t not disappoint.

Aside from it’s commendations in food, what makes this restaurant really special is it’s setting. The atmosphere set’s the tone. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner, a business dinner, or catching up with friends. It’s the place to impress people, and a place that you’ll be reluctant to leave. Medici at Hotel Muse Bangkok also has a private dining area for larger groups, with sliding doors if privacy is required. Reminiscent of a dark wine cellar, every nook and every cranny is decadently designed to the standards of Hotel Muse Bangkok, from the decor, furniture, even choice of silverware.
What made Medici extra special however was the live Opera music. Absolutely! From 8:30pm, live opera singers wonder around the tables reciting both classic and modern adaptations of  well known opera songs. Surprisingly was the incredible talent of the band which easily summons a standing ovation after ever piece played. Very, very impressive and the cherry on the top of a wonderful dining experience. This experience can not be missed. Highly, highly recommended. Do book however, as the place will fill up.
Good food, good wine, good restaurant, good music. Perfection.

The Sky Bar:
Also well known is The Speakeasy at Hotel Muse Bangkok.
The rooftop bar is a chic hangout for both guests and non. A bar area and larger sitting area to soak up great views of the metropolis and enjoy some of Hotel Muse’s finest cocktails from their mixologist.
Highly recommended boutique skybar.


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