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Hotel Review: The St Regis, Osaka

Hotel Review: The St Regis, Osaka.

The St Regis, Osaka has long been known as the 6 star category hotel. As a brand, St Regis picks up the slack and fills the gaps of the holes, which are left in hospitality service in the hotel industry. Quite simply. St Regis strives to exceed guest expectations in ways and areas in which other hotels currently do not.

The St Regis Osaka is no stranger to the top class hotel market, and very well carries out the standard well known within the brand. St Regis Osaka clearly marks it’s appointment from the get go, of it’s dedication to guest service and delivery. Nothing more obvious to this, is it’s BUTLER button, highlighted red on the telephone and dedicated butler box sitting adjacent to the door of the room.

For the guest, the BUTLER button is an all answer button. It’s a delivery of enquiry, task or inquisition. The St Regis prides itself on this service, and makes it’s guests aware of that quite rightly so. However peculiar, untimely or complicated your request may be, the receiver will dispatch your notables in a jiffy, and shortly your butler will attend your room to deal with your request.

What also makes The St Regis Osaka special, is the Butler Box. This simply is a box that is accessible from both inside the room, and outside. This allows you to deposit goods, such as clothing items to be laundered, or shoes to be shined, and the butler can collect and deliver such goods without the need to disturb the guest. It pretty much works as ab‘fairies in the night’ service. You deposit such goods, wake up in the morning and such goods are returned laundered or shined, or delivered (depending on your request). Other things worth a mention are the 11 choice pillow menu, available 24 hours a day – offering the latest technology in pillows whether it be traditional buckwheat, latex, memory foam or air filled pump action pillow to suit your needs. Perfect for a good night’s rest.

The St Regis Osaka is a top tier hotel, which maintains its reputation and standards without quivel – and certainly a hotel which exceeds expectations time and time again.

Another thing to note is the Iridium salon. Providing sensational massage and salon services to its customers, the Iridium salon partners with well renowned Sothy’s to offer top-notch spa and salon services. Whilst Japanese massage and spa isn’t quite as worldly renowned as Thai massage, the experience however is impeccable. The services and attention to detail at Iridium St Regis Osaka are truly heavenly.

With traditional Japanese attention to detail and care, the services offered by Iridium really are impressive, and importantly, rejuvenating, relaxing and therapeutic. Aside from massage, body scrubs and facials, Iridium also offer such services as manicure, pedicure and others. A perfect wind down in a fast paced city.

Another symbol that is rejoiced at St Regis properties around the world is the iconic St Regis Bar. Fitted out with artful, plus luxurious décor, this is the perfect place to catch up, wind down or enjoy some of the signature cocktails or afternoon tea set. A must try at any St Regis is the signature Bloody Mary!
A few steps away from the bar will lead to the St Regis Terrace. This perfect zen area is great to enjoy sun-down with your favorite cocktails or local delights. They also provide food and snacks, and this place is a sanctuary in the city. It’s no wonder why it’s super popular for locals and visitors alike.



Rooms at The St Regis Osaka are both spacious and decadently arranged incorporating modern design fused with classic luxury style. With floor to ceiling windows, the rooms are light and airy. As mentioned above, the Butler Box is a more than welcome feature that The St Regis is known for.
The rooms are fitted with automatic curtains, which open upon entering the room, or upon a control switch panel conveniently located bedside.

All rooms feature a large bathroom with bathtub, and multi point, full body showers – jets that cover the upper body, torso and lower body, as well as a full rain shower. This is a first for us and certainly unprecedented for hotels we’ve stayed at. Rooms are both spacious and well laid out, providing both a sofa area, work desk and touch button lighting. The rooms appoint St Regis’s luxurious touches, whilst maintaining a modern standard of décor to inspire class and decadence.

Food & Beverage:
St Regis Osaka is also known for it’s critically acclaimed affair or food & beverage, and host them is 2 wonderful restaurants:

Le Veduta:

Offering fine Italian cuisine, set in a magnificent luxury lounge style restaurant, Le Veduta has an open kitchen and is prized with offering come of Osaka’s top Italian cuisine.

Le Veduta Is also host to the St Regis Osaka breakfast, and creates a perfect start to the day with it’s splendid offering of buffet style breakfast with choices of local, international, hot plates, fruit platters, pastries, yoghurts, juices and more!

Rue D’Or:

RueD’or, is known for the distinctive flavours of bistro fare, with inspiring use of Japanese touches in its menu comprising classical French dishes, charcuterie, cheeses and wines. Diners can choose to enjoy the sun omn the terrace, or something more intimate from the upper level of the restaurant. Perfect for all occasions, and a culinary delight that is highly reputated in Osaka.


St Regis Osaka is situated in a popular area of Osaka that is closely linked to some of the city’s vibrant offerings, dining landmarks, and great shopping streets. Just minutes away from Kommachi stations, the subway is only a couple of stations away from the famous Dotonburi and Namba areas. The hotel is also located approx. 5km from Osaka’s main JR station.

Located advancement to the property is a covered walked, sprawling with restaurants and shops. This walkway will lead you all the way to Dtonburi or Namba.

A superb location in Osaka that provides easy access to the city’s landmarks, such as Universal Studios, the aquarium, as well as JR station and surrounding areas.


Value for money:
A fabulous 5 star hotel situated in the heart of Osaka – The St Regis Osaka is a sublime property that provides top-notch service, whilst also providing in-house dining expertise. Accompanied by Iridium salon, St Regis Osaka is a hotel that encapsulates the fine points and makes for a truly rewarding stay. The perfect place to really enjoy the hotel’s offerings, The St Regis Osaka is highly rated as value for money – we only must stress however that be sure to book early, as this place is hot property for locals and visitors alike. Be sure to enjoy the St Regis Bar and terrace and don’t miss Iridium salon.

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