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Ritz-Carlton Budapest

Ritz-Carlton Budapest – a review by LuxuryTravelPublisher

Ritz-Carlton Budapest is a relatively new hotel, opening it’s doors less than 2 years ago. Located in what can be considered perhaps the best spot in Budapest, it’s very close to the shopping districts, commonly known as the ‘shopping street’ and close to all major transport links.

A short walk from the hotel can take you to Budapest’s most famous attractions, and sightseeing destinations.

The Ritz-Carlton Budapest still looks and feels brand new; where classic luxury meets modern conformity. The details within the design are outstanding and certainly lay the steps for the future of Ritz-Carlton going ahead. The hotel feels solid in quality and has furnishing and finishes to match.

Decadently yet elegantly masterminded, The Ritz-Carlton Budapest is a breath of fresh air, yet still carries it’s history and culture of a deep, luxury hotel brand that can satisfy guests of all ages and demographics.

The Rooms:

During our stay at The Ritz-Carlton Budapest, we spent 3 days / 2 nights in the Club Junior Suite. The suite was incredibly spacious, and very light & airy. Due to the suite being situated on the top floor of the hotel – 9th floor, the suite was bestowed with loft windows, which gave it a very Parisian feel.

The living room and bedroom can be separated by sliding door, and the faux fireplaces adds a nice touch to the living room.

The room has been custom designed with a very fanciful looking mini-bar and snack station. The living room also has it’s own bathroom which serves great convenience, as well as the loft windows with are replicated in the bedroom.

There is a small entrance space; large enough accommodate bags, luggage, shoes etc which is a great idea to keep the main living room and bedroom tidy.

The entire suite is fitted with aesthetically pleasing finishes, including lighting and furniture, with warm/cold aircon available in both parts of the suite.

The main bathroom, which is connected to the bedroom also has a full size bathrub, separate shower and single vanity.

Just outside of the bathroom, there is a small walk-in-closet which is ample for storing clothes, as well as space for luggage and bags. Adjacent to the closet is a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, which not only for vanity purposes, but adds light and space to the room too.

The bedroom is fitted with an extremely comfortable bed, one of the finest mattresses I’ve slept on in a long while; and it certainly made for a great nights’ sleep.

The loft windows can be opened electronically, and the electric blinds in the bedroom and living room are a great convenience.

From the room there are great views over Budapest, and the electronic loft windows allow a nice breeze through the room, night or day.


The Club Lounge:

As a club room guest, access to the Club Lounge is one of the perks. The club lounge was decadently designed with large plush sofas, dining tables and arm chairs and was very spacious, offering guests privacy and maximum comfort.

Guests can utlise the services of the club lounge for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, with a large selection of buffet types foods, as well as a well stocked selection of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

From local to international wines & beers, to cocktails, spirits, juices, teas, coffees and more, there was certainly something for everyone, and opening until 10pm served great convenience to all club guests.


The Restaurant:


The Spa: