FOUR SEASONS MACAU, CHINA is yet another FS property where you can be sure of the exemplary service, decent room, fantastic food & breakfast, style, grace and elegance that you’d expect.
The beauty here however, is that it fairs better in value for money than other properties. Not just that, but it seems that hotels in Macau are a lot cheaper than their cousins in Hong Kong, despite only being across the water, 1 hour on a high speed ferry!

Upon arriving at Cotai wharf in Macau, we were greeted by a Four Seasons staff member, who knew my name before I even opened my mouth. Impressed.
A sleek black S-Class pulls up to our feet, and the driver disembarks the luxury limousine to greet us and take care of our luggage. The car provided exemplary comfort; back massaging rear seats and a choice of water and snacks.

Upon arrival to the hotel, staff greeted us, and escorted us to our suite for our in-room check in. As expected with Four Seasons, everything was flawless – just like clockwork.
The room was huge. A large front window afforded us a view of the Macau strip, and the Galaxy opposite. The room was furnished in the subtle, but luxurious setting that I have become acquainted with at FS, and the bathroom is spacious and gracious and filled with L’Occitane toiletries.

Outside the room, the large hotels comprises an underground walk way of high end brands and such, that shortly lead us to the connection with the Venetian. You begin to see the changes of design and artichecture upon approach to The Venitian, and then become surrounded by Gondolas and grand canals of shoppes.

Breakfast here was brilliant. Brilliant in terms of choice, selection and availability. Brilliant in terms of quality, taste, flavour and fulfilment. Brilliant in terms of service from the moment you walk through the door. A complete selection of Asian, Continental, European and other choices. You name it, they have it – and it’s all very well made too. Much like an exquisite breakfast buffet that you can embark on. I suggest you give yourself enough time to enjoy its offerings.

Breakfast being so good, led me to decide on the dinner buffet special. We arrived around 7pm and had plenty of time to fulfil ourselves with the palace of food that was yet to be discovered. Beer is available on a limitless draft for a set amount. I don’t recall how much, but was very cheap and well worth it.
The selection of food is just absurd. In a good way!
I had to do the obligatory ‘walk-around’ to scope out the offerings before embarking on my culinary delight for the evening. I knew that I couldn’t taste everything. As much as I wanted too, my stomach was not up to the challenge. I did my best however, but trying literally one spoon of as much as I could, over the course of 1.5 hours, utilising about 15 new plates.

The food was astounding. All of it. The set up is brilliant. It’s fantastic, its easy, it’s friendly and its satisfying. It’s more than satisfying; It’s impressive. I have added a couple of photos of some of the culinary delights that I had the pleasure to become acquainted with. If you’re staying in Macau, and not staying at FS, then at least make sure you have a buffet dinner here!

The stay was overall, very pleasant. The next day we ventured to the old town and made us of the hotels limousine. The driver was very friendly, and they gave me a phone to call them when I’d like to be picked up. This was a great help. God knows how I would have got in touch with them otherwise. Any how, driver arrived after we’d finished entertaining ourselves, and whisked us back to the hotel promptly.
Check was an easy ordeal. Well, everything is. Four Seasons some how manage to tap in to my senses and know what I am thinking. It’s the only hotel brand that manage to keep the service level consistent across the board. Various properties in various countries, and they all carry that standard of service. It really has set expectations and standards for me. I adorn you to stay here if you if you’re somebody that appreciates good, personal service.

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